Top 4 Decaffeinated Black Tea Options

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Top 4 Decaffeinated Black Tea Options

Top 4 Decaffeinated Black Tea Options – Many people need to switch to a decaffeinated black tea for health reasons. Others just want a decaf tea to drink later in the evening.

Some people say that some of the flavor is lost in decaffeinated tea, but if you choose the right types of tea you won’t notice this slight loss.

Top 4 Best Decaf Black Teas

If you are looking for different kinds of decaffeinated black tea here are a few options to consider.

Caffeine and Black Tea

The caffeine content in black tea is minimal compared to coffee and soda.

Out of all the types of tea on the market, black tea does have the highest caffeine content.

There may be many reasons to stop drinking caffeine. People with heart conditions may be advised to stay away from caffeine.

Pregnant women are also advised to steer clear of caffeine when possible.

Finding decaf black tea is a good way for those who need to stay away from caffeine to enjoy tea without worrying about the caffeine.

Ceylon Decaffeinated Black Tea

Ceylon black tea is a premium tea farmed in Sri Lanka. This prized form of tea is highly sought after for its opulent taste.

The tea is grown exclusively in the mountains of Sri Lanka, and is actually labeled by the Sri Lankan Tea Boards with a seal to ensure it’s not copied or imitated.

Because of the rich flavor this tea holds up well when the caffeine is stripped. Ceylon is a great option for decaffeinated black tea for those who still want a dark and aromatic tea.

You can find Ceylon in tea bags, but the best flavor will come from whole leaf forms. Several brands sell this type of tea.

Adagio Tea offers several varieties of decaf Ceylon at Lipton was originally made famous by its importing of Ceylon, and still makes Ceylon tea bags today.

Fruit Flavored Decaf Black Tea

Ceylon can be expensive, and isn’t an option for everyone.

If you don’t want to deal with the lack of flavor that can be common in decaffeinated black tea, choosing a lower quality black tea with a fruit flavor can be a great way to enjoy it.

If you choose the right of fruit flavoring, the tea will still be rich and sweet, and free of caffeine.

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Some examples of great fruit pairings are apricot, blackberry, orange, pineapple, and even coconut.

A great example of this type of decaffeinated black tea is Bigelow’s Constant Comment.

This brand of tea uses the rinds of oranges and spices to create a sweet black tea that pairs well with sugar or honey. It’s also a favorite brand among American versions of the hot toddy.

It works well with plain brandy, or flavored brandy.

Constant Comment is sold in almost all national grocery retailers, and can be found online as well.

Spiced Black Tea

Decaffeinated black tea tastes great when spices are added. Vanilla will create a softer flavor that is more velvety in nature.

You can make your own by splitting a vanilla bean and adding it to the water as the tea brews.

You can also find black teas that already have the vanilla bean added to the leaves.

Cinnamon and cardamom are also common to find added to a spiced black tea. This will give the tea a warmer flavor.

Clove can be added for a more comforting flavor as well. Adding clove, cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom all together are popular in black chai tea varieties.

With this, warm milk and honey is also added to the tea to create a decaf chai tea drink.

Pekoe Tea

Orange pekoe black tea is another type of black tea that is popular all around the world.

The pekoe names refers to the way the tea is harvested. Unlike other types of black tea, pekoe is picked when the buds are very young.

The buds are then processed by allowing the leaf to bruise, and oxidize. This creates the black tea.

Pekoe can be found in decaffeinated black tea varieties. The flavor is rich and deep, but not overpowering.

One thing about Pekoe that should be noted is the brew time. Pekoe tends to get bitter and release the tannins in the tea very quickly.

It should be only be brewed for 3 to 5 minutes. Any longer than this will create a tea that is dark and too bitter to drink.


There are plenty of ways to drink decaffeinated black tea without losing the flavor.

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