Different Types of Black Tea

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Different Types of Black Tea

What are the Different Types of Black Tea ? There are a lot of different types of black tea that you will be able to choose from.

It is important that you take the time to understand each of them so that you can figure out which one will suit you the best.

Having the ability to choose black tea brands based on its flavor, price and the health benefits that it can add is a great way for you to be able to get a black tea that will make you want to drink it every single day.

It is usually a good idea to not only do the research on them but to try them as well.

Because it is recommended for you to drink types of black tea on a regular basis you will find that finding a type that suits your taste buds is a great way for you to be able to easily add organic black tea to your daily diet.

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Types of Black Tea

This is the types of black tea:

Assam Tea

This particular tea happens to be grown in the province of India. This region happens to be the biggest tea growing region in the entire world.

Assam tea has a very malty and full bodied flavor that is rich and deep. It has a color that goes from a deep burgundy to a red hue whenever you brew it.

Assam Tea

It is usually best if you drink your Assam tea with cream and sweetener to help lighten it up some like you would with most types of black tea.

The leaves used for Assam black tea types are often used for different tea blends.

Ceylon Tea

Produced in Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea is named after what the area that is now known as Sri Lanka.

You will know that you have authentic Ceylon tea because of the trademark of a lion carrying a sword on it.

Ceylon Tea

This has had to be done because many imposters have tried to claim that they are the Ceylon brand.

This particular tea is one that is known by its unique citrus flavor with a very crisp aroma to go along with it unlike most types of black tea.

You can find flavored black tea in a lot of blends.

Yunnan Tea

Yunnan black tea is also known as Chinese black tea. It can be found growing in the mountains in the Yunnan province of China.

China is considered to be the birthplace of tea. These particular black tea leaves are known by their golden tips that are very soft and large.

Yunnan Black Tea

The flavor itself can be recognized by its chocolate undertones and honey like quality that is very smooth.

If you accidently over steep Yunnan tea, then you will not have to worry about it becoming bitter like you would with other types of black teas.

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is one of the highest quality fermented black tea that is grown in the gardens of the West Bengal Darjeeling region in India.

Darjeeling tea happens to have a very high cost. This is because of the high quality of the tea as well as the limited production that goes with it.

Darjeeling Tea

The tea leaves of Darjeeling tea are gold, brown and green. This particular tea has a floral aroma that is light bodied and delicate, especially for a black tea.

Lapsang Souchong Tea

This particular tea is one that is grown in China in the Fujian province.

Unlike most types of black tea, this particular loose leaf black tea leaves tend to be withered over the fires of pine wood after they have been plucked.

Lapsang Souchong Tea

From there, they will be pan fried so that it can continue on with its very strong and unique scent.

Its distinctive flavor is one that reminds one of a campfire whenever it is brewed. Lapsang Souchong black tea has a brown hue that has red undertones along with it.

This tea has a very smoky and strong fragrance and flavor.

Usually, adding cream and sweetener as you would with most types of black tea can help to minimize it if it is too much for you.

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