How to Store Loose Leaf Black Tea

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How to Store Loose Leaf Black Tea

How to Properly Store Loose Leaf Black Tea – It is important that you know how to properly store loose leaf black tea. While it may look durable, it is actually pretty fragile.

Whenever loose leaf black tea is exposed to any kind of moisture it can become moldy and you will no longer be able to use it.

Sunlight as well as heat can affect the flavor of the tea. If sunlight has had the chance to really hit the leaves, then the tea itself will end up tasting bland or just overall unpleasant.

You should also keep in mind that a lot of the containers that you can use to store the loose leaf black tea can have a pretty bad affect on it as well.

For instance, if the container that you use is one that is currently or has ever held onions or garlic, then you can expect it to have a pretty unpleasant affect on the organic black tea.

However, with the right storage, you can store your black tea for up to 18 months.

How to Store Loose Leaf Black Tea

Container Needed for Loose Leaf Black Tea

The most important aspect of the container is that it is air tight. A tea tin is often the best container for tea because it is designed specifically to be air tight.

There are other air tight containers that you can use if you don’t have any tea tins on hand.

A glass jar will work for loose leaf black tea but you have to make sure that it is out of the light.

Remember that the sunlight can affect the taste of the black tea types so you will need to keep any see through containers in a much darker area than you would with a tea tin.

Ensuring Seal

It is important that whenever you close the container that you make sure that the seal is as tight as it can get.

This can usually be done by pushing down on each side of the lid.

You can also get this done by screwing the lid on as tightly as possible if you are using a jar for your loose leaf black tea.

You don’t want to run the risk of storing it before you get to steeping the black tea with the seal not being completely on as this can ruin all of the tea in the container.

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Where to Store It

The location that you store the container is just as important as the seal and the container itself.

The container will need to be put in a dry place that can be cool and out of the way of any direct sunlight.

This is especially necessary if you are using a glass or translucent container.

If the tea is in a container that you can see through, then it needs to be stored in a completely dark location.

You can store black tea for up to 18 months before brewing the black tea as long as it is stored properly.

If you have the leaves blended with any other kind of tea leaf, then the amount of time will vary. Loose leaf black tea can be stored longer than any other tea.

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