What is Black Tea? Variations & More

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What Is Black Tea?

What Is Black Tea? Black tea is a kind of tea that is made from the same plant as white, green and Wu long tea.

Loose leaf black tea is the tea that is made when the leaves have had the chance to completely oxidize.

This makes the tea itself a lot stronger and darker. Because it takes longer to oxidize and will be allowed to fully ferment this makes this tea a lot different than white tea, which is from a younger plant and does not oxidize at all.

Green tea is from the same aged plant but also is not allowed to oxidize. Wu long tea has had the opportunity to partially oxidize and black tea goes all the way.

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How Black Tea is Made

When making black tea the oxidation process is what happens before the tea leaves are dried, stored and used.

Oxidation happens when the tea leaves have been bruised and the air begins to get to them. Think of it like when an apple has been bitten into and the air gets to it. This is very similar to this act.

The longer that the tea has time to oxidize, the darker it will become and the stronger of a tea it will be.

Black tea is one that has the most amount of caffeine and the strongest of taste.

However, the benefits of black tea are still healthy like the other teas from the same plant.


Black tea is the most common out of all of the leaves from this plant. You can find it in tea bags and loose leaf. This is something that a lot of people go back and forth on.

It is much easier and faster to make your black tea from a tea bag but you will lose some of the quality of your black tea and it will not taste as good.

You also lose some of the antioxidants but it is cheaper when you buy black tea. Loose leaf tea is often more expensive and more difficult to make but the quality makes up for it.

There are a lot of ways to drink your black tea. The most common way is chai tea.

This is a lot of different spices that are added in that can add to the health benefits that go along with black tea.

There are hundreds of different flavors that you can add to your black tea and you can drink it hot or cold.

How to Brew Black Tea

It is important that you know how to brew black tea. If you do not do it correctly you could alter the taste and the quality of the black tea seeds.

You don’t want to waste your tea leaves or make the tea taste bad so understand the brewing process before you begin.

Allow the water to come to a boil, make sure that it is filtered or bottled water for the best taste and quality.

Once the water is boiling, give the tea time to steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

The tea is going to become a dark color, this is normal.

Remember to time how long you allow it to steep because if it goes for too long the black tea can develop a bitter taste.

If you don’t let it steep long enough it will be a weak organic black tea.

There are a lot of different things that you can add to black tea for the taste. If you do not want to drink it plain, then most people will add honey or sugar as well as cream or milk.

This can give the tea a creamier flavor and consistency and also lighten it up a little.

Caffeinated Black Tea

You should be aware that black tea is the most caffeinated out of all of the teas that are available to you.

While it still has about 90 milligrams less than coffee it still has a lot more than Wu long, green and especially white tea.

Drinking flavored black tea can be a very healthy substitute for coffee as it has a lot of polyphenols and antioxidants that can do wonders for your immune system, heart, skin and teeth.

In many ways, black tea is just as healthy as green tea. Green tea has been in the spotlight for some time now because of how healthy it is and its ability to help promote weight loss.

The antioxidants that are in black tea can help to get rid of the free radicals that are in your body.

These free radicals can wreak havoc on your body without the benefits of drinking black tea and can weaken your immune system, speed up the aging process and even lead to cancer.

You may also experience cell damage or other dangerous disorders and diseases. Black tea can be drunk hot or cold.

Many people will drink black tea multiple times in a day; there is no limit to how often you can drink black tea on a daily basis.

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